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Welcome to my journal!!

I've noticed that I didn't do a proper introduction post last time, so I've decided to edit it :))
Well, it's actually late to edit my introduction post but it's better be late than never!

I am Ayana Sy. A half Filipino and a half Chinese living in the Philippines. An International Business Economics and Diplomacy minor in Corporate Communications Management graduate (I know my course is too long haha...)

I am a Jpop fan and sometimes a fan of Chinese / Taiwanese songs. I love the groups under Johnny's Entertainment, LDH (Generations from Exile Tribe and E-girls), Scandal, One Ok Rock, and many more. Also, I am not only a fan of these jpop / jrock groups but also a fan of some Japanese actors and actresses. I love watching Japanese and Taiwanese dramas. Hence, I know some Taiwanese / Chinese artists too!! Like, Aaron Yan, Jiro Wang, Wang Lee Hom, Wu Chun, and many more!!

I started to became a fangirl in 2010 and up to the present I am still in those fandoms. I think it is already part of my life haha. But, of course, I also experienced being on a hiatus in all of my fandoms because of the demanding workloads in school. However, after some time, my heart keeps getting back of being a fangirl :)) Well, I think we just need to have a proper time management.

Aside from being a fangirl, I also love to take pictures; although I am not a professional photographer, I still believe that I have the eyes to capture beautiful angles and scenes of life. Furthermore, I also want to be a subject of a picture.... In other words, I want to be a model hahaha... I just hope that someday my dreams do come true :))

So, this is it!! I hope I got to introduce myself better than before haha....

Please don't hesitate to leave a comment!
Moreover, I hope that you'll also introduce yourselves to me so that we can be friends :))

Hoping to meet some fangirls out there! :))


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